About the ME/CFS Roadmap

This roadmap provides an introductory overview of ME/CFS therapies, with the purpose of helping new ME/CFS patients learn about some of the more effective ME/CFS treatments.

The author of this roadmap is Hip, an ME/CFS patient who lives in the United Kingdom, and is usually to be found on the Phoenix Rising ME/CFS forum (forum posts here). Twitter account here.

The author has a BSc in mathematics and physics, and an MSc in cognitive science.

Nothing in this roadmap should be construed as medical advice. Only you and your doctor can decide whether any medical treatment is appropriate.

A thread discussing this roadmap is found here on the Phoenix Rising forums. Should you have any suggestions or comments, please post in that thread, or send me a private message on Phoenix Rising. You can also contact me by Direct Message through Twitter — press the Message button (looks like an envelope) on my Twitter page.

A French language version of this roadmap is found here (but note that this English version is much more up to date than the French version). An up-to-date Russian language version is found here.

Roadmap last updated: Aug 2020.